New designs, new materials …

We try to keep our social media updated a little more than our blog so please follow us on Facebook (see the sidebar on the right) and here are some of the designs from 2018. Notice we have metallic looks, velvet/flock material, and many more to choose from for your one-of-a-kind custom design.  Contact us to see if we can help you make your design a reality!

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New color schemes

Leave it to young teenage girls to ask for the latest trend in color combinations! I would not have thought these colors would go well together but the shirts we designed turned out quite striking!  The tees are from Delta, in a new color called Celadon, a cross between mint green and aquamarine, and the artwork was produced in a Royal Blue shade.

2016 HEAT Girls Basketball

Another team asked us to add their team name to their handmade tie-dyed shirts. That took a little extra work with such a variety of shades to match glitter vinyl that would look well.   We decided to choose two shades, a deep green and a rosey pink, and then pick which would look best based on the individual shirts.  The girls and moms were pretty happy, some even had one of each color in their family!

We specialize in small quantities at an affordable price. Let us know your needs and we will match it with one of our production art possibilities.

Have a colorful day! ~ MD’s

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Baseball season …

As many of you know, we are a baseball-loving-playing-fan family.  We made some shirts (the 2 black ones) for a Little League fundraiser.  As a baseball mom of many years, I like these and understand them 🙂 This first one I made for myself as a first try and it has red glitter on the laces for the extra bling-y look. Contact us to get one for your own!SAM_2833

SAM_2403 SAM_2402


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Professional designs for any size business

Apparently it’s the time of year for Mary Kay consultants to attend seminars at their Headquarters in Dallas.  Here’s a design we made for one of the local Directors and her team. The front design had been previously made for t-shirts. Here we put the design on the front of a lightweight zippered hoodie jacket. The team name and motto on the back. The glitter vinyl used for this feels like glitter but does not flake and washes really well.

front of Mary Kay Team jacket

front of Mary Kay Team jacket

back of Mary Kay Team jacket

back of Mary Kay Team jacket

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High School team volleyball design

2012 HEAT Varsity Volleyball front

This design is usually done as a one color front design with the smaller volleyballs being used to decorate the t-shirt sleeves as you can see in the final product below.  The back design is very popular with a team to remember all the teammates in the given season.

SAM_2848 SAM_2847

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